The Peace Keepers mentoring program is designed to create servant hearts that will emulate the love of Christ and bless all involved in the mentoring fellowship and discipleship process. Older students mentor younger students in aftercare for fellowship mentoring or during lunch for discipleship mentoring once a week. If the seeds are planted well, your Christian school will plant the seeds (fellowship mentoring) and reap a harvest of discipleship mentors who will continue to bless and follow your K-12 school family into the college years.

Types of Mentoring

   Fellowship Peer Mentoring

An organized and structured Fellowship Peer Mentoring program builds school unity by bridging the younger and older students together. For order and engagement, the eekly half-hour mentoring time is structured with a craft and other play activities. Not only during the weekly half-hour mentoring does the mentor and mentee experience the reciprocal blessing of encouragement and fellowship, but it continues throughout the week when the mentor and mentee see each other on campus.

  Discipleship Peer Mentoring

Discipleship Peer Mentoring is the highest level of mentoring where spiritually mature students encourage and teach the love of Christ to younger peers in middle school, high school, and college. Over the course of the school year, the discipleship mentoring relationship develops from being a familiar friendly face to chat with at lunch into a brother or sister in Christ focusing on prayer and an active growth in faith. Meaningful prayer-based peer mentoring builds school unity and a sense of family among all grade levels, from preschool through college.


   Iron Sharpens Iron Mentoring

Iron Sharpens Iron Mentoring is a form of Discipleship Peer Mentoring where like-minded peers strong in the faith meet weekly for Christian accountability and prayer. Like other discipleship mentors, these students would meet during lunch once a week. (Proverbs 27:17)




“I am thankful that my son has a kind and responsible older boy to play with him and to talk with about boy stuff. As a teacher, I have watched the students who are mentors, and they thrive on being able to have an influence on a younger child’s life. I’ve also watched the younger students who are mentees get very excited when they see their mentors headed their way! The younger students love to have an older friend, and the older students feel like they are contributing and helping when they spend time with a younger child. All in all, it is a win/win for everyone!”
Vanessa Halstead, former 5th grade lead teacher, excerpt from Peace Keepers Mentoring Manual


“Having a mentor for our son cultivated not only a friendship but also his confidence, independence, and compassion for others. The special interaction they share every week allows them to discover new things about others and themselves. Having a positive role model for Jacob makes growing up and being in school so much more fun and easier for him.”

Elizabeth Pulido, Mentee mom, excerpt from Peace Keepers Mentoring Manual


“Ashley really looks forward to meeting with her mentor. It is great for the kids to see a friendly older child in the hallways. It’s nice to have someone they can talk to in addition to a parent or teacher.”
Michelle Temeyer, Mentee parent, excerpt from Peace Keepers Mentoring Manual



“The Peace Keepers® program really helped my daughter, Taylor. She was new to the school and she was matched with a great mentor who helped guide her and was an excellent role model. The mentor she had helped influence her to become active in school and to become a mentor herself the next year for a younger student.”
Shannon Coates 6th grade mentee parent, excerpt from Peace Keepers Mentoring Manual



“‟Are the mentors coming today?‟ This is a question often heard by many of the mentees, asked with huge smiles on their faces. Seeing them connect and greet is a great moment. I’m not sure who is more blessed—the mentee or the mentor! I have been truly blessed to be a part of this amazing program, watching kids‟ lives changed by having their own friend.”
Nancy, former SPCS staff and volunteer supervisor, excerpt from Peace Keepers Mentoring Manual


“Since we first began (discipleship peer mentoring), she (mentee) trusts me and feels safe and secure talking to me. Honestly, I feel like I’ve known her for years! I think the love I have shown towards her has made her feel loved and safe…”
Amy, 11th grade Discipleship Peer Mentor, excerpt from Peace Keepers Discipleship Peer Mentoring Guide


“This ministry, especially my mentor, has helped me to grow so much spiritually. Having a certain time set aside each week keeps me accountable…Over the course of the year, we have gotten deeper and deeper spiritually. She has so much wisdom, and I always enjoy when she shares it with me.”
Abby, 9th grade Discipleship Peer Mentee, excerpt from Peace Keepers Discipleship Peer Mentoring Guide



"Now the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace." James 3:18