“I found the training to be very effective because accompanying the Biblically-based Christian supported center and the current research, the program is presented in a way that speaks to and reaches all learning modalities. Both the auditory and visual learners are stimulated by the presentation and delivery, and the hands-on kinesthetic learner is challenged by group activities that stimulate critical thinking as well as fun presentations and examples. The research and information reveals personalities and situations that bullying involves, and then proactive and preemptive strategies and skills to both intervene and to correct the situation. Finally, I want to commend Susan Dyer Layer whose approach, knowledge, professionalism, and her HEART and passion for what she is presenting and teaching makes the program come alive for its participants.”
Dave Bonchi, Former Dean of Students-Administration, Calvary Christian High School

“This workshop provides practical ideas for creating an intentional Christ-centered, positive and safe school environment. I love her training style-groups/movement/participation expected. Practical applications for classroom, recess, chapel, and small groups were all helpful.”
Dawn Newland, Elementary Programs Director, Northside Christian School

"The workshop was fantastic, engaging, and a true testament of you lived experiences in a school setting. Once specific comment I heard repeatedly was the comfort it brought to the faculty that you have been in their position. The faculty embraced the concepts and returned to campus with a plan immediately incorporating the language and strategies in their classroom."
Carmen Anderson, School Counselor, St. Anthony Catholic School

“This is something that we all deal with, what a blessing to have a godly response to a bully and ways to deal with the issue deliberately throughout the year and through various avenues: chapel, recess, classroom.”
Jeannette Williams, MS/HS Director, Winter Haven Christian School

“Excellent presentation! The teaching goals were clearly met for our teachers.”
Roger Duncan, Principal, Seffner Christian Academy

“Our staff has been given many ideas, experiences, and tools to use to guide our children/students. The organization, format, techniques, and first hand experiences were very helpful. The presentation was comprehensive and it was all helpful. Susan’s presentation was Christ-centered based on Scripture, age appropriate, and positively shared. Loved the workshop exercises! Thank you so much for your insightful presentation!"
Sandra Carnley, Principal, Bell Shoals Baptist Academy

“Thank you for your ministry with Peace Keepers and for your leadership today at Bell Shoals. I appreciate your spiritual approach and recognizing bullying for what is, namely a sin that needs to be confronted. You mentioned several times that we need to cast light in the dark and that we are called to be salt and light and not behave as though we are defeated by the evil in the world. So thanks again for reaffirming that message today as we begin another school year.”
Dave Geidel, Principal, Immanuel Lutheran School

“Thanks again for providing the excellent seminar to our staff. As an administrator, teacher and leader in Christian Education I am compelled to make time to facilitate training for myself and our staff regarding one of the most relevant concerns in education. Your seminar is very practical and easily adapted to the various school setting in the arena of private education (from preschool-secondary).
Our teachers are already implementing some of the strategies from the Christian Peace Keepers Seminar due to the purchase of your resource materials. Personally, I am resolved to an aggressive pro active campaign to ensure that our Christian School provides a Christ-Centered environment where students are not just disciplined for wrong actions; but more importantly receive constant training and hands on opportunity for right choices in regards to peer relationships. This is an important part of our mission.
Thank you again for coming along side to lend support … and thank you for answering the call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Lorie Johnson, Principal, Sonshine Christian Academy (Callahan, Florida)
FLOCS Vice President Officer

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